Ann Watkin

Ann-543General Manager

Ann has 38 years experience in the health industry in New Zealand beginning with a number of years as a New Zealand State Registered Nurse, moving to various sales and management roles and becoming a foundation member to Downs Distributors which commenced trading in June 1980. Ann has been a key member of the Downs team and has been responsible for implementing initiatives ranging from computerisation of systems to achieving ISO Certification to JAS-ANZ and DAR Standards in 1994. As Managing Director of Downs since 2002 Ann has continued her philosophy of having ‘hands-on’ involvement in the daily running of the business. Ann’s approach has proven successful and has progressed the company to where it is today, enjoying a valued and trusted reputation in the Healthcare industry.

- ...we want to thank you for your part in helping us send a container packed with medical goods to Tanzania...we so appreciate everybody's hard work and generosity to make this venture successful"
“Thank you very much for your speedy and efficient reply, which was greatly appreciated”.