Jenny Bell-Johnson

JennyProduct Specialist

Jenny joined Downs in October 2013, bringing an extensive 20 year history in sales spanning Pharmaceutical and Medical devices.  Jenny has been recognised for excellence in both of these fields.  She has spent a large part of her career servicing the lower North Island territory.

Prior to her sales roles Jenny was a registered surgical nurse which was the stepping stone to her sales career.  Jenny’s ‘hands-on’ surgical knowledge will be a real asset to her Product Specialist role with Downs.  She is a friendly, driven and focused individual who will strive to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.


- ...we want to thank you for your part in helping us send a container packed with medical goods to Tanzania...we so appreciate everybody's hard work and generosity to make this venture successful"
“Thank you very much for your speedy and efficient reply, which was greatly appreciated”.