Stille Scissors

Stille Handcrafted Scissors

Stille scissors are known for their unsurpassed cutting ability.  Once you try them you will recognise the difference.  With over 170 years of experience, Stille is one of the oldest medical device manufacturers in the world.  Their instruments are handcrafted as an art by highly skilled instrument makers in Eskiltuna Sweden.  Stille redefine the industry standards once again introducing a revolution in surgical precision.  They provide an outstanding 30 years product warranty.

Stille Ekberg

STILLE Ekberg Ergo

Setting the new standards of surgical perfection and reduced surgical fatigue.  Available in Metzenbaum, Stevens and Ragnell as SuperCut XE and Diamond SuperCut Scissors.

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STILLE Diamond SuperCut

STILLE Diamond SuperCut

A revolution in surgical precision, durability and performance. The STILLE Diamond coating layer is up to 50% harder with Diamond Pyramid Hardness or HV-value of 3000 compared to Tungstin Carbide and Ceramic layers which have a typical HV-value of 1700-2400.  The harder the layer the better durability.

Available in Stevens Tenotomy, Metzenbaum, Baby Metzenbaum and Ragnell SuperCut Scissors

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Stille supercut XEv1


Extended durability and Eco-efficiency.  There is a strong drive for replacing chrome in production driven by Health and safety and environmental concerns.  The new STILLE coating process is based on a thin layer diamond-like-carbon aiming to reduce discolouration, improve instrument durability and help to create a more sustainable environment.

Available in Metzenbaum Delicate, Peck-Joseph Nasal, Stevens Tenotomy and Vascular SuperCut Scissors

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