Specialist Quality Instrumentation

BossBoss Instruments, located in Virginia USA, provide reliable, precise hand-crafted instruments which enable surgeons to perform at their very best.  They concentrate on the manufacturing and continual development in most surgical fields including ENT, Ophthalmic, General Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Neurology, Vascular and Cardiovascular.

With over 80 years of experience and commitment Boss strive to produce the best high-performance instruments, to create the newest tools for the latest surgical techniques. Boss Instruments only have one standard, that they are the best available and to succeed in making the Surgeon feel that they have control as soon as they hold the instrument due to its superior sensitivity.

Through these principals Boss Instruments have maintained a leadership role in the production of speciality surgical instruments. 

- ...we want to thank you for your part in helping us send a container packed with medical goods to Tanzania...we so appreciate everybody's hard work and generosity to make this venture successful"
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