Electrosurgery Specialists

KLSMartinKLS Martin is located in Umkirch Germany.  It was originally founded in 1922 and has been through various changes over the years to become the specialist electromedical device company it is today.  KLS Martin has approximately 40 engineers and developers who strive on innovation in the electrosurgical market.
Many of KLS Martin’s developments have a made a lasting impression on high frequency surgery.  Their innovative High Frequency surgery units are setting a worldwide standard for performance and features.  In addition KLS Martin offer an extensive range of high frequency products for minor and major private surgeries and outpatient departments to high performance devices for operating theatre use. 
A wide range of High Frequency accessories are available.  Of particular note KLS Martin provide an extensive range of accessories for bipolar surgery.
The Maxium electrosurgery unit and the Marvac smoke evacuation unit by KLS Martin have successfully been introduced here in New Zealand along with many accessory products.

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