Storeage & Sterilising Basket Solutions

KoegelWith more than 50 years of experience in development and manufacturing for medical technology Kögel have spent time carefully investigating requirements in hospital sterilising departments and have come up with practical and effective methods for the processing of products.   Detail, quality and performance are key motivators for the Kögel team in every phase of their work flow from design to manufacture.

The universal wistainer® tray is an excellent solution for treatment and sterilisation of instruments and equipment.  This system consists of two identically constructed trays and allows different configurations to be used.  The tray can be initially used as a lid serving to protect the instruments and later, it can be used in the operating theatre to collect contaminated instruments.

The wistainer® baskets are produced from high-quality chromium nickel steel.  They are manufactured without generating burrs and polished electrolytically. The system dispenses with corners and edges, standardising washing programmes and making cleaning easy and economical.
Kögel’s extensive range for storage solutions are designed and manufactured with hygiene and quality in mind.  Sensitive can be affixed individually providing a framework secure sterilisation, transportation and storage.

The Kögel range includes German innovation with patented double frame construction, sieve systems for cleaning and disinfectine, storage and sterilisation.  They also provide transport devices and storage and retrieval aids.   They are the benchmark for design and quality.

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