Electro-Surgical Forceps

Sutter Logo-710Sutter Medizintechnik was founded in 1970 and is a family owned company based in Freiburg, Germany.  The success and growth are based on innovative products.  In 2000 Sutter were the first company to product bipolar non-stick forceps.  They are now a leading European manufacturer offering a broad range of different designs and models.


Sutter pride themselves on German craftsmanship and their in-house manufacturing of products.  Made in Germany.  Highly qualified surgery mechanics fabricate bipolar forceps according to the highest quality standards, by hand, in Freiburg.  Sutter does not compromise on patient or user safety.


Contact us for information about Sutter cables and Bi-Polar Forceps.   Sutter also has a range of precision technology Super Gliss Forceps, including the Teo Range.

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